Curly/Locken Chinchillas
If you like the looks of the angora might
also like the beauty of the curlies, also called "lockens."  
These unusual chinchillas started out in Europe but about
l3 years ago were imported to the USA by Jim Ritterspach
who has worked since then to produce ideal animals. All of
our first generation breeding curlies are from his herd. The
genetics are unusual, a weak dominant gene perhaps, and
the curly gene needs ebony in the animal to be expressed.  
We have both CURLY CARRIERS (chins who were curly as
kits but lost the curls as adults or have minimal curls as
adults) and FULL CURLIES, i.e. adults with curly fur.  If you
are a breeder and wish to make your own curlies, your best
combination would be a CURLY and a CURLY CARRIER.
*****UPDATE: I have breed/shown the first Color Class
Champion Locken from the December 2019 Ohio Empress
Show, she is a 750 gram extra dark ebony*****

Depending on the amount of curl, the chins will be priced
between $500 (ebony carrier) up to $1000 for a curly ebony
adult, more for a tan or white ebony adult, or very curly
adult, and if multiple curly/curly carrier chins are bought,
we will be happy to offer you a discount (curly carrier +
curly for $200 less than their regular total).  They can be
shipped to you in the continental US at your expense.  If
you specify colors desired and we will let you know what
we have available and send pictures.  Please give us full
information about yourself and your interest at:

BELOW:   a very curly adult:

BELOW: Curly kits