RPA from chinchillas.com with certificate.

Our standard RPA boy BILLY.

ROYAL PERSIAN ANGORAS--this term was invented by Ms. Tamara Tucker,
who brought long-haired chinchillas, by definition angoras, back from
disfavor starting in the late l990s and spent 8 years out crossing
longhairs to come up with a better animal than previously.  Starting in
2005, her longhaired chinchillas, now renamed Royal Persian Angoras,
began to be offered for sale, in limited quantity, and by auction only on
chinchillas.com. Most importantly, they were offered only to buyers with
non-North American addresses, essentially leaving Canadian and
American chin enthusiasts out of the auctions.  Many of these beautiful
chins went to Europe, Asia and especially China.  To truly realize the
popularity of these chinchillas, abbreviated to RPAs, look at the expired
(completed) auctions on chinchilas.com, where you will see dozens of
bids and a final winning bid that is often two, three or more times the
starting price. Starting November 18, 2015, chinchillas.com has opened its
auctions to North Americans--you will be competing with the rest of the
world however and be limited to what comes up for auction when it
comes up for auction.

After three years of breeding, with some setbacks as always, we do have
RPA carriers to offer for sale, in gray, male and female, $500 each:

Below: dark ebony RPA carrier female and male from JULIAN and VIOLA,
XDE 1st place female SEC MCBA show 2014, $1000 each.

Please write for information about the white mosaic angora male we have
available for sale--he is in breeding now and will not be sold until he is
proven, CAESAR son with gray RPA HELEN. Price $2500 when proven.

We also have produced our first beige RPA and have two breeding pair
ready to make the very beautiful black velvet RPAs.  Feel free to inquire if
you are seriously interested in these gorgeous chinchillas.  We do have
gray RPAs for sale as well, male and female.

info@angorachinchillasUSA.com, subject line: "RPA chinchillas,"OR visit
our sister website, centralfloridachinchillas.com and write to me at
Angora Chinchillas