We are so happy to offer for sale two unusual specialty chinchillas
through this website:  Royal Persian Angora chinchillas ("angoras" or
"RPA") and Curly or Locken chinchillas.  Please click on the individual
page tabs (to the left) to learn more about each of these intriguing and
beautiful kinds of chinchillas.
ABOVE:  A lovely white mosaic RPA, CAESAR, and our newest
addition BELOW, BEAUREGARD, a black velvet RPA with
certificate from chinchillas.com--he is in breeding now if you
want one of his BV offspring, be in touch to reserve one of
these truly unique chinchilla kits.
Below right:  
OUR CURLY CHINS have now been
shown in an Empress show
four times, 2015 and
2018 twice AND in 2018 received a FIRST at
an MCBA show and have a Empress COLOR CLASS
--which we think is the first time this
has happened (see bottom picture).
We will be able to ship these chinchillas to addresses in the continental
US, at your expense, or deliver then for a fee when possible.  Please
read through the page(s) of the chinchillas you are interested in
completely before sending us your serious inquiry.  Thanks.

Be in touch at  LASMD925@aol.com
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